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Wishing We Were Here Together!

I’m writing this to you from the beginning. The explosion and expulsion of all that primordial matter has left me reeling with emotions I can’t control. It’s as wondrous as you described. I found a cute little out of the way bench, surrounded by the glittering potential of all these nuclei, atoms, galaxies, as I crack open a bottle of bubbly possibilities and toast to ours. Cheers!


Wishing I Was There!

I’m writing this to myself from the middle. A gravity well has formed around us, all matter in our vicinity erratically orbiting our binary system. I can see their revolutions settle, accreting, as our masses reach an uneasy equilibrium. You never told me there would be a stellar wobble as we pushed and pulled away from each other. I can’t find anywhere for myself here. I miss that bench from the beginning.


Wishing You Were Here!

I’m writing this to you from the end. It’s not flat out here. I can see the edge, and it’s not a thin line. You lied. It’s all fractals, ever repeating branches filled with what is, what was, what might have been. I find my bench again, sip from a thermos filled with the ichor of our lives, and huddle under a blanket of entropy as I watch us tumble, over and over, under the waves of fate, suffocating. I lied. I don’t wish you were here at all.