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HAD's making CHAPS!

Our newest:

by Dave Housley

"He never believed the whole thing about the global cabal, the child trafficking, blood drinking, the messages being transmitted through something called Eight Chan or the National Christmas Tree’s Facebook page. But he has been left out of enough to wonder if there is something there, something they are keeping away from him. He has been on Epstein’s Island, the jet, the nightclubs, and still, it always felt like there was something being withheld, some door labeled Humans Only down some dark twisty corridor."

A paranoid-influenced collection of stories about a bunch of goddam cartoon animals, Dave Housley's Looney is the second in a series of zine-style chapbooks from us.
Limited to 200 copies!


Dave Housley is the author of three novels and four short story collections, most recently the novel The Other Ones. His work has appeared in HAD, WAS, and some other places. He is one of the founding editors and all around do-stuff people at Barrelhouse. He is the Director of Web Strategy at Penn State Outreach and Online Education. He tweets at @housleydave


$10 for HAD Chap #2: Dave Housley's LOONEY


$15 bundle for both LOONEY and Evan Williams' Claustrophobia, Surprise! 



Our first was...

Claustrophobia, Surprise!
by Evan Williams

"A man disguised as a man appears. A man disguised as a taller man greets him. The men are one another, each at a different point in life. A man disguised as a man appears. Every time you blink someone new has joined."


Evan William's Claustrophobia, Surprise! is the first in a series of zine-style chapbooks from us.
Limited to 200 copies!


Evan Williams is a man of slightly above average height. He has a special coat, filled with birds. He studies at the University of Chicago, where he writes about masculinity, environmental literature, and surrealism. His work has appeared in Best MicrofictionDIAGRAMPithead Chapel, and the venerable HAD.

$10 from Raven Book Store