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We had an idea for a journal that, like most things Hobart-related, started as something of a joke... until it became a real thing. We had such a love for those early, minimalist web journals (elimae, McSweeney's, eyeshot, Surgery of Modern Warfare...) and so thought we would nod back toward them. If submissions are open, we've probably had a couple drinks. We're Hobart After Dark.



We don't have a specific theme, though we have a method. Submissions will be open for a few hours at a time, with the goal of everything receiving a reply as quickly as possible—within 24 hours, max. This will happen sporadically and spontaneously—right now, open submissions will be announced via Twitter, which is possibly and admittedly unfair to those not on Twitter, but also this is like a little reward for the punishment some of us put ourselves for being on Twitter all the time. In the future, we may start a mailing list for these kinds of announcements.