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July 18, 2024


Stefanie Kirby


A woman swallows a wolf that swallows a goat that swallows a bellyful of stones like an anchor lined with teeth, a biting thing bound for the ground of a well. To ease her load, the woman swallows an umbrella, ribs cracked open for lift. Still the beast drops further. The woman regrets the wolf, which regrets the goat, which regrets the stones, which spit up a bellyful of teeth. Nothing left but regret to mimic an umbrella, an anchor turned upside down for flight.





A well is a hole that empties and fills or empties and doesn’t. A woman enters, hands like bricks. The woman recognizes the well as her throat. To peer inside reveals everything she’s swallowed. At the bottom of the throat, a pump resembles a pulse. In another version, the throat’s bricked up and gone dry.