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October 15, 2021

2 Ars Academias

Sean Cho A.

Ars Academia #2

there are too many sun bears studying
to become masters and/or doctors of sun bear studies
this is something we all know
but would rather not talk about

there are people in the sun bear academy’s
career services department whose sole
job is to remind the sun bears of this
so that the academy will have plausible deniability
when the newly doctored sun bears have nowhere
to submit their CVs to 

about 30% of these well educated sun bears
will get the privilege to teach other sun bears
about sun bears studies between a variety
of other administrative tasks they will
or will not write interesting new things
about their niche field of study that other
sun bears who are in their department
will skim and say that’s interesting

for the “less fortunate” sun bears whose work
does not fit the current treads of the top
scholarly journals and the various needs
of academic departments their years of study
will implicitly and subconsciously shape
their mentality as the sun bears sell cars
market natural sleeping pill alternatives
to doctors copy editing texts books
or other chosen career paths


Ars Academia #2

the sun bear is half way through grad school where he
spends his days studying the history of sun bear art
and teaching younger sun bears how to compose their
speech in a way other sun bears will better understand
today the sun bear feels bored and some other emotions
which combine together to make him realize
that his future job prospects are bleak


he has accepted the fact that between the hours of 9-5
for next 5 ish decades his life will be mundane at its
best points and dreadful and its worst between working
hours there will not be too much in between states
of emotion but to the sun bear this feels like the
better alternative than working on projects that will
go nowhere that no one will care about or read
and not having enough money to buy genetically
modified crickets

the sun bears smashes his paws against the keyboard
and writes half a dozen cover letters for jobs that he
does not have the qualifications for and the letters
are hazard because his keyboard is small and his
paws lack the tactility needed to properly communicate
with sun bears he does not know


despite the fact that his current home is small
and cage like  far away from his birth country
he is a happy sun bear who is well fed
with organic honey and has well trimmed nails 

we should not spend too much time worrying
about the sun bear secretly hopes his current life will work out