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You Ever Have Really Good Sex and Then Drink a Diet Coke?

you ever go around
half-heartedly hating yourself?
riddled by anxiety’s bitter twins 
of self-loathing and metacognition???
you ever sick of the sound
of your own voice????
you ever take a three hour nap 
in the middle of the day
when everyone else is at work
and you’re also “at work” ???
in your own brain unbraiding 
the senseless from the sensual???
you ever wake up your partner 
in the middle of the night? say “hold me” ???


Eternal Love Roadside Inn

i could whisper the city where
you were born into a pink satin pouch
and put it underneath my pillow
hello pink heart
you woke me when you came home
remember when were in south philly
and you kissed me outside 12 steps down?
and we walked home
but not to my home? to joseph’s home
joseph from my hometown’s home
mobile just waltzed into philadelphia
and got kissed all over
mobile mobile mobile get out of here!
mountain had a mobile t-shirt and
i wanted to playfully steal it but
i wanted to actually steal it
i did
do they make t-shirts with
just your hometown on it, people i love?
i would go out into the world with
lafayette across my chest
cherry hill
and thus proclaim my affection for
the people from there and if
you were a stranger who came
up to me and said i’m from there
i would love you and ask you if
you know my friend but i can’t
imagine wearing a city shirt of a
too big city i am not proclaiming
my love for los angeles on the streets
i am a hypocrite!
i want to go to a motel with a heart-shaped tub
and when i’m there that will be where i am from
and you will be from texas
we will be soaking wet
i will always miss everyone i love
you will be driving with the windows down
we will be in love
i will be putting my hand on the center console
you will be driving with one hand
we will be disappearing on the horizon of the road
going over a hill into a startling sunset