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& then sometimes you’re such a devil / it’s most likely something in the blood / an honesty bringing opportunity for wounding / the sweet science of hopping a fence while the paint is still fresh / a piece of flint shining in untilled soil yet to be noticed / take it home and name it / grind it into powder then mix it with light from fireflies unraveling like a carpet of love / shape it into forms of something meaningful with the rough of your hand /
          expressing essential eventualities in existential terms / harmony
          can be found in the scrape of a match being struck /
a crescendo of flames representing sentimental attachment / halving thyself is realizing you never seemed to mind / it is worth it: this / & then sometimes the fat is in all the wrong places / the destiny of whatever innate quality beauty could be said to possess / the frequency of panic becoming a moment caught in the chest / eager twine awaiting the pleasure of the knot being tied implies time has progression / faces being rearranged meticulously / the completion of a circuit /
          seeds from a pomegranate placed in your pocket for later cultivation /
          is this a crime or a situation to be rectified? / it’s because you are a poet
that to be alive is to be parasitic / take & elucidate on assessed values / implications of ravenous considerations / there’s a comfort found in knowing predators aren’t that selective / they may even harm one another just to feel something / & then sometimes the tortoise does beat the hare even though
          they weren’t actually ever moving / now i look in the mirror &
          speak your name / a belt-fed machine misfiring