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pixelated recognition–

the image clicks
                           into place – my uncanny
              reflection as a frog, awaiting.

will iEver be a person [again]?

must iAlways only be neck-up?
              am iHead, stoic, or am iNeck
eternally on a swivel?

will iBe made to leap?
                            will my touch dilate eyes
              like a hallucinogenic rush?

am iOnly strobing rainbow?
              am iSmiling? does it matter
amidst this prismatic outburst?

in the scheme of things iAm merely meme
                            degrees separate from the me
              -me that begat the meme.

fast flashes seen from the side
                            of your eye – maybe
              iAm just speedy

periphery, undwindling
              pigment – is this why
you always ask my colors?

& if iDo tell you –
              again – am iDoomed
                            to repeat?