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February 21, 2023

A Kindness

Alice Agro-Paulson

a golden shovel

after Kemi Alabi, for the other Alice


Listen, before I drift, would

you gentle me toward the shore, you


my lighthouse     my beacon     call

out to me with your sea-tinged breath, take this


raft of bells, skirt this low rumble of violence

carry me within this puling storm or

maybe    this moment is just a bit of     weather?


Lighthouse, listen, I

haven’t always heeded your warnings: don’t


careful            watch           believe


I want to believe your

light will guide me around the bite


& sting of this new in-between place, now that what’s left is

a glimmer of guiltless


within my tidal remorse, but     as

I’m shepherded closer to the shore; please, deliver me, the

tempest, gently wrapped in a box of rain