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April 4, 2022

alien heads

Josh Sippie

we pull masks off monsters and find humans
but when the alien’s head stays put we bristle
and wonder if we’re in over our heads

we’re just kids

we’re not supposed to be
confirming extraterrestrials
gratifying the cosmos with our

I mean
even the brave ones never expected to find anything
and the cowards were never brave enough to believe
it possible
but now, as we’re taken captive on a ship resembling a metallic
milk bottle
we’re the ones who are tied up and they’re trying to pull off
our faces

perhaps they think it some kind of
or at least that’s what my optimistic side says as they
keep tugging at our hair and rubbing their chins
pondering our existence,
or perhaps thinking that
they’re in over their heads too, and that
they’re just kids that aren’t supposed to be
confirming the existence of
like us