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Spring Forward - Fall Back

Spring Up An Hour - Fall Down An Hour

mArch: Advance - NovembERREverse

Spring training gets you extra innings (+1 hour) - World Series strikes it out (-1 hour)

Advance your clocks if it’s almost National Book Day (April) - REverse them if it just was National Book Month (OctobER)

April showers grow an hour so Remember, Remember To Set Your Clocks Back In November.

March Forward - November NOT Forward

If each day the sun is setting later, set your clock an hour later. If the sun is setting earlier, set your clock an hour earlier.

Springsteen finished recording his first album “Greetings From Asbury Park” in the FALL of 1972 and Fall Out Boy released their first album “Take This To Your Grave” in the SPRING of 2003. In the FALL think Springsteen (“Greetings From” = Go Forward) and in the SPRING think Fall Out Boy (“Take This” = Turn The clock back).

Never set your clock forward after Labor Day

If it’s around Lent: An hour Later - If it’s during Emotional wellness month: an hour Earlier

Watching The Oscars: Add An Hour - Watching a movie during Oscar Season: Lose an hour

March starts with an M, November starts with an N.  M comes before N in the alphabet.  You Move your clocks forward in M, before you nudge them back in N.

Feed a Fever (add an hour during spring fever) - Starve a Cold (go back an hour as the weather turns cold)

Set the clocks an hour forward and then rear, you’re in the clear. An hour back before forward, and you’ll never be sicker-ed.

March comes in like a Lion (Later), and November is the Eleventh month (Earlier)

Think AUTUMN and SPRING. AUTUMN: “April’s Upcoming? Turn Up Minutes. Nice!” and SPRING: “September’s Passed? Reverse It Now. Great!”

March sounds like starch so the clock is spaghett-ing an extra hour added. Fall sounds like mall so the clock is Limited Too one hour less.

Almost Mike Wallace’s birthday: 60 Minutes later - Almost Morley Safer’s birthday: 60 Minutes earlier

Many people believe that Ben Franklin (elected minister to France in March of 1779), was the one who first proposed the concept of Daylight Savings. His famous quote, “Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise," helped to create that perception. However it wasn’t Franklin’s idea, but actually New Zealand entomologist George Vernon Hudson (as everyone knows, Hudson was a passenger on the Sub-Antarctic Islands Scientific Expedition which set sail in November 1907 to study and classify insects). One of Hudson’s famous quotes is “Now I’ll have more time to look at bugs”. (March - Franklin = Forward. November - Bug Boat = Back).

Spring has Love in the air (Later) - Fall reminds us of the inEvitability of death (Earlier)

Spring Up out of bed even though you’re still tired - Fall Back to sleep after you woke up too early

March has five letters. Later has five letters. November has eight letters. Decrease has 8 letters. Pretty obvious.

If it’s “2am on the second Sunday in March”, go one hour forward.  If it’s “2am on the first Sunday in November”, go one hour back.