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The caterpillar, though just a normal caterpillar by all means, had an appetite that he was unable to tame. In a matter of ten minutes, the caterpillar had eaten ten apples, 20 fig newtons, 50 magic mushrooms, and 100 rocks. Yes, this little caterpillar was growing. Growing very big.

Soon, arms sprang out of the feller. Big hulking arms with tattoos that said mom and no regrets.

The caterpillar started walking around on its fists. He was making all sorts of weird noises, as he foamed at the mouth. Razor sharp teeth protruded from the black hole that once used to be its friendly face.

Picking up speed, and still hungry, the caterpillar launched itself at a businessman, instantly ripping the guy’s throat out.

Mmm, screamed the caterpillar.

The caterpillar seemed to grow stronger. A trail of blood followed him as he slithered towards his next victim: a plump police officer. The caterpillar tore through the policeman in seconds, completely devouring the guy, belching a satisfying belch that cracked all the nearby windows.

MMMMMMM, screamed the caterpillar. MORE!

The caterpillar grew legs next. He stood straight up and continued his hungry march down the block, picking out rats from the garbage, sliding them down his throat, like they were sardines from a jar.

The caterpillar’s carnivorous activities were making him sleepy. He crawled up into a large cocoon.

When the caterpillar emerged, he was no longer a caterpillar.

He was 6’5 movie star Armie Hammer. Still hungry for flesh.