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December 14, 2020

eat you up

Patrick Mullen-Coyoy

[feat. “Lovesick Girls” by BLACKPINK]

our bodies yearn
to gristle and gnaw
through blitzkriegs of lovers
like girls possessed.

we are an artillery
of gnashing,

a gullet of skirts
and irritable bowels

eager to satisfy
our hunger.

can you hear it churn,
the hooks’ whir
bright pink and electric?

can you taste the rancor
of our hearts’ decimated
shrapnel flavor the air?

why sugarcoat? we’re famished.

for too long we have dieted
on a debris of suitors,
snacking on infatuations
and eye candy.

we fed our hysteria
with late-night DMs
and mechanical kisses,
vamping until the next dinner
date offered us his heart.

only then did we loosen
the corset, cannibalize
his desire to its marrow—
his urge to crush.

look at you: salivating
as you riff and stall!

it’s all the same

every man wants a girl
who will eat him up.

and who else could do this,
darling, but girls born to gorge?

look at us:
we were born furious, dying
to consume

boys, men,
exes, idols

who claw at our throats
so we can stomach them
like women.

so why deny
these mouths?

why starve
these teeth?

we are a buffet of girls
in your area:

the man-breakers,
the heart-eaters,       
the hollowed-out sirens
tearing down the interstate

ready to take you out to eat.