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Okay, so hear me out. It's a reboot of that show from the 90s, Wings, but it takes place after the apocalypse. One final season, with the Hackett brothers and Fay and Lloyd and everybody, hiding out in the airport. Trying to ration the food from the café. Maybe we don't tell the audience what the nature of the apocalypse was, we just have the characters refer to it as "the Thing" or "the Event." That gives us room to wiggle if we get picked up for a second season (or, I guess tenth season, since they already had eight).

They debate the merits of trying to fly off the island or staying put. Antonio doesn't want to leave Nantucket because, predictably, he's scared. Of course, Helen is missing her big cello recital, the one that was going to make her a famous musician, so she's nagging Joe to fly her to Boston, terrifying mutants be damned.

"But Boston's a fiery hellscape, Helen!" Joe protests.

Brian pipes up. "I guess some places actually improved after the Event."

What a scamp.

I'm just spit balling here, but during Sweeps Week, they could debate the merits of eating Roy after their rations run out. Fat jokes will never not be funny with American audiences. They love them almost as much as apocalypse shows.