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The last time I saw a stupidass action movie was with my dad. It was either Taken or Mission Impossible, but I’m pretty sure it was Taken cause he kept making sure to tell me he was no Liam Neeson and he probably couldn’t save me. I mean, he was right, but still, he could have at least lied. So we cracked a few beers and a stupidass action movie. We hadn’t planned on it, I mean who actually plans on watching Taken? But we kept it on. Mostly cause it was on cable and is most definitely shitty. Getting to just the right side of drunk with a parent is an art form, though it might not be as flashy as painting or performing a one woman show to an empty East Village basement. We didn’t talk about much. Except U2. Do you think U2 paid to be name-dropped in the box office hit (and late night re-run star) that is Taken? Why U2? My dad has seen U2 in concert forty-four times. I guess that’s not important to most people, but it is to him. I lied. I’m actually watching a stupidass action movie right now. Normally I would never choose one for myself, but it’s pretty late and I’m pretty drunk and The Taking of Pelham 123 is on cable. If my dad were here I’d ask him if he thinks Liam Neeson or Denzel Washington is more badass. I think he’d say that he doesn’t see Denzel Washington jumping buildings and tracking down traffickers, but I’m not sure if I agree. I guess I just think MTA dispatchers are cool as hell. Maybe it’s cause he’s just never lived in New York? That doesn’t really matter though cause he’s not here and I’m pretty sure he’s never seen this movie and probably doesn’t have any plans to.