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“There has been a murder,” said the blue official to the people gathering around. A reporter started pulling quotes from the crowd:

“I was standing against the barn when he started taking off his shoes,” said a local, 22, who refused to give her name.

“I am on a quest to find my third eye,” said your mom in the very middle of her age.

“If I clean this coin of its blood, I’ll have enough to buy a jug of milk,” said Phil, who lives in a tree.

“Destruction is in every way antagonistic to anything good, and yet, the beauty is the destruction,” the preacher feared.

“Did you see that chihuahua nibbling that chunk of watermelon?”

“God has left us. Even the windmills stopped.”

“Sing from the throat and shoot from the hip,” said the yodeler, loading his bow. 

“I am just the passenger of a carousel horse,” said the fellow with less than zero friends.

“This murder scene is not complete without your help,” said Mayor Welt. “Please.”

“_________________________________________,” said _________.

“Over the dead body, a leaf catches air,” said Bob.

“The truth,” said Bob.

“Like a warmth in silence, half in one hand.”