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we’re so lucky we get to see     the end              we are                so lucky we get                to see
how                  it ends  if we’re lucky                   and lucky      we will be         when it ends        
how the ocean sinks     beneath our breath      it feels            lucky to be ending                                  
how it ends     it will end           like this: world under water!                 search and rescue teams
descending      avenues underwater                  we’re               drowning!                     but we feel so
lucky to                          be here at the end                     at the end            so lucky and swallowing water
feeling so lucky                           so lucky                        my last memory                                   is
everything swelling like:                                                  [ ! ! ! ! ] o god               watch the water
save the lifeguard       save the queen                            save the internet        save the artwork
save my mom              save the introvert                       save [ ???? ]                 wait who are we
missing             who is not lucky           like us and missing     who is missing                          who is
not lucky           who is lucky and missing                                  who can we find                        who
cannot be saved                                       we will be saved          we have hope                             but no
open arms        lucky us look how lucky                                     we are to die like this               look
how lucky        the earth a patient god                           the earth so lucky       o god what will we say
when our lungs are                                 full of water and                                                               we
still aren’t quenched