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February 25, 2024

Three Poems

Tom Snarsky

Mere Love

after Naomi


I ask you

the same three questions every day:

Water? or

Do you want water?


Do you want anything

with your coffee?


Do you have anything

after school?


The story of a horse and a butterfly

who are best friends.


The horse can run

faster than the butterfly can fly,


but the butterfly can fly

places where the horse can’t run.




Cowboy Eyes

Are you a doctor

in the dirty mouth of my life




I have had good // Luck in love.

—Noelle Kocot



The raccoon

You saw curled

Up beside the road

On the way to work——

You sent me a picture and

I drove out with a cardboard box

I ended up not needing. He was already

Being tended to, a woman on the phone waiting

For the professionals to arrive. I’m so glad our lives

found their cahoots in 2017, the summer of Twin Peaks &

The most brutal depression of my life. My bones didn’t have a

Reason to meet the sun. Then one night, at 11:11 exactly, drunk as

Thomas, I tweeted any poets wanna fall in love. 8 minutes later, you replied.