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It is no laughing matter

you can’t find Fathers in New Orleans.

I spent too long believing sin

is worth absolving through 

weekly wafers. That death could 

be prized like a cavity’s crown metal

detected in the sand. 

Truth is, I don’t want 

for Claudia nor carol singers, 

what becomes of you as blood 

suckles your teeth. 

I once saw Brad Pitt 

give an interview where he sang

negatively of the cruise. 

But Christian was there and that 

was San Francisco and here, 

you and I, we are talking saints. 

Let me tell you, prayers 

live in a bag of Cool Ranch

Doritos. There are exorcisms happening 

everyday in my stomach.



 **inspired by Todd Dillard's tweet:
"saints can't tell dad jokes they took a vow of celibacy"**