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Aristotle for Dummies

They say X jumped the turnstile.

Whoever jumps turnstiles must pay.

Therefore, the police came charging.


They say immigrant X bled traces of cocaine.

Whoever bleeds cocaine has partied illegally & recently.

Therefore, immigrants should bleed responsibly.


They say someone that looks like X assaulted someone Y years ago.

Whoever looks like X may have been X.

Therefore, we must exhume X’s body for DNA clearance.


They say X’s visa expired.

Whoever has an expired visa must fear the law of double negatives.

Therefore, the illegal visa cancels the illegal murder.


They say X’s death was only 1 accident after Z+ killed.

They say X’s unfortunate accent confirmed X wasn’t a citizen.

Therefore, X < Z, wrongful foreigner less than righteous nationals.


They say X has become an angel, which is a nice thing to say.

Whoever becomes an angel doesn’t need memorials.

Therefore, X blesses us from above to forget X.


Lead Ecology

My cousins have been killing vultures left & right.

               Not our fault. Who mined melted molded

               me into a rocket-head

to stop jumping things from jumping things?

That’s what vultures do

               they eat the things that stopped jumping.

               Bound to crack me.

Me being me I slowpoison them.

My fam too has been poisoning water

               rivered thru straw veins.

Sickening air by flaking shiny walls

               whose destiny is to powder

               right where you open the morning

               by your baby’s crib up down up

               me flake you breathe. Why am I so poisonous?

Funny you should ask. How you write lead

               & lead the same. Who can tell which way

               to health which to death?

Now you forbid me-water-veins me-shiny-paint

               then use me-bullets only.

All the same I lead the way thru skin bone meat.

All the same you blame my going

               exactly where you want me to.