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Your best options include un-alive guy, bucket kicker, She-Who-No-Longer-Breathes, Becky with the bad heart, very bad at not choking dude, the one who left my mom to be with the Lord, cancer magnet, Heimlich maneuver failure, getting off at Cremation Station, Choking First Aid poster model, mon raison d’être en thérapie, a person shockingly ill-equipped to eat a simple blueberry muffin, the shrugging guy from the “Guess I’ll Die” meme except imagine he’s wearing a mask molded to look like my dad, traumatizer of café staff who don’t get paid enough to administer mouth-to-mouth breaths at seven in the morning, loser in Mario Kart except it was two real life buses colliding and falling into a ravine, and Jerry why couldn’t you have gotten the pain au chocolat instead you know muffins get you too excited to chew slowly.

You could also go with “fatality!” in the Mortal Kombat voice.