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November 26, 2021

Why I Miss my Father

Amy Lyons

Because the Red Sox were definitely going to beat the Orioles and he made us stay until the last inning, because we were broke after my mother died and he pulled us out of grammar school for a Disney trip on credit cards, because he gave his beater car to his grandson and took the bus, because he got a girlfriend in his seventies, because he bagged groceries in his seventies, because he collected tolls on the Tobin Bridge in his thirties, because he studied to be a priest then pivoted to family, because if he had a dollar he gave his kids ninety-nine cents, because he loved his one-bedroom apartment in low-income senior housing, because he sent gift cards for Christmas and later borrowed back the money, because church for him was baseball and Mozart, because he loved joke neckties, because we talked every Sunday for thirty-five years about really stupid shit.