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Chain Restaurants, Reviewed by Poems: Krispy Kreme photo

Son, some advice: you don’t know 
what a hangover is, but when you learn, 
a McDonalds #4 breakfast will help. 
Never eat at Subway. 
You’re allowed to take breadsticks
& salad and/or cheddar bay biscuits 
to go. While I’m on the subject
of breadsticks, ask for extra 
when you order at Fazoli’s
because the basket person might
come around too late or
not at all. Always ask for sauce
at Taco Bell, even if you don’t
want it, because they give you
a ton and it’s good on tomorrow’s
eggs. Finally, if you see 
the Krispy Kreme sign 
lit up, you must go. 
I don’t know how to make 
magic but I know where 
you can go to find it. 



Address: Krispy Kreme, 8805 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Merriam, KS 66202
Eaten: four glazed donuts (5 bucks or so)
With: Poet + Kara + the baby
Why: The sign was on, duh.