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H O N G  K O N G photo

where we cram into tram to peak
the view the night the skyline
 the mist ask another tourist
please take a photo of mom and me
stranger’s bad photo bright
mist mom says I smell like smoke
I say she smells someone else down
to the harbor through tunnels 
buildings lobbies halls ferries golden
square more night light skyscrapers
skyscrapers mom says she’s getting old doesn’t 
feel old when she travels wants to go 
back to hotel get up early malls
malls buy nothing but a mahjong set 
chess board souvenirs for tita julie
train out of town gondola up
 through the clouds see colossal buddha
 in the clouds help mom
climb the wet stone stairs up
up past the clouds
clouds clouds
the little alcoves
 the room of ten thousand buddhas 
buddhas monks tourists mom’s
bad knees off to macau 
seasick quick on ferry vomit
in restroom wash it down with
lukewarm two day old diet 
coke from port to casino to gamble a hundred 
dollars in an hour then back to ferry 
more seasick more night more mom her 
moods my secret smokes on the
hotel roof looking out at the night
the view the lights the city 
the city then we’re gone