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January 23, 2017

Two Poems

Kristen Brida

Eurydice, on her first love before Orpheus

In high school I hid headless
barbie dolls under my bed
There was this boy I forget where he lived
but I loved him for a week
he loved agency I loved legends

he called me his strange
little junk machine in return
I melted the barbie arms
into doll fins

his silhouette by the egg yolk drooping into the ocean
a shadow of angel wings of warped fingers

sky became a smoothie of decay
as he swam out that’s when the world
became starless in one swoop
sky became a mouth he became
a tooth sky swallowed in its sleep

Eurydice, on where she grew up

My house by a cake
sheet of grey ocean.
My backyard cement
slab where I played w/ barbies

one day I saw they had no
lipstick so I popped their heads
off, potted them w/ tulips, daisies, whatever
was growing there. When my mother
went to garden I heard her scream
the whole house became
a room. She took the flowers
out, put cactuses everywhere

I hung the heads
on the needles like xmas lights
they kept falling back in the dirt
all heavy w/ silicone & air