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December 7, 2020

2 Poems

Sean Cho A.



I wish I had more friends

who are happy

with the way I view them

as friends. Like, for example “cool calculator guy”

from my bio lab, I really like talking shit

about other classes with you

before lecture as our overworked TA

stumbles in from a “meeting”

that (always) ran(s) late

but I don’t necessary want to join

your frat’s basketball team.


I never liked sports.


I’m the guy who says “sports ball”

but ironically.


In high school my English teacher said

that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor.

Of course I said “what’s that?”


a medium amount of people laughed.

Slot machines are addictive

because they are programed to win

just enough times to give me a feedback loop

of false success.  At the grocery store I stopped smiling


back at strangers and memorized the aisles

for frozen strawberries and oyster crackers.

I usually only own one pair of shoes


at a time. For a while people say “nice shoes are they new”

because people like talking and it feels good to say

nice things. Then the shoes are invisible. Sometime later,


a friend texts me and asks if I want to go to the mall.



Obvious Metaphor


This morning my frogs and I went for a walk.

I had to carry one of my frogs because he is old

and doesn’t like walking too much

but likes being outside, and doesn't like being left

home alone.


Another mother duck and her ducking were walking

their (larger) frog on the other side

of the road. Their frog charged at me

and my frogs, and I threw myself


onto the ground to protect my frogs like a

shell on a turtle. The mother duck said “don’t worry

she is a nice frog”. I say “I don’t know that,

you don’t know that

for sure in this situation

that your frog will be a nice frog.”


Her duckling said “sorry” and the mother duck

said “have a nice day” but I don’t think

she really meant it.


My neighbor’s frog recently got attacked

by another frog and had to go to the frog

hospital, which is sad because the frog hospital

is a scary place, but also sad because no one

has frog insurance, and it takes a long time

to save up a new emergency fund. But

emergencies can happen whenever 

that's why they are called emergencies.

I just wish other ducks would be more

mindful of other peoples’ frogs.


is what I was telling her. Then

Clover thinks I’ll be a very nervous parent.