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May 28, 2022

2 Poems

Nicole Tallman

The Astro Poets say I’m a ?

The Astro Poets say I’m a ?

because just like a Cancer

a ? looks you in the eye & asks how you feel.


Yes, I do that.

Way too often I’ve been told by some.

Sorry about that.


Why can’t I be an ! like an Aries

& say everything

with conviction and passion?


Yes, I just asked another question.

Because I’m leaving everything open to input.

So Cancerian of me.


Well, at least my moon sign is a Virgo

& that means I’m also an open & lively (

but also care about everyone. :’(


Let’s go to my rising sign:

Taurus. No, it’s not even a full :

It’s a ;


The full : would be a Leo,

who is always happy to make an entrance.

Yes, I am @ <3 a Cancer.


& I borrowed all the . in this poem from the Scorpios.

They are magnetic. But not magnetic enough to be the …

Which sign do you think that is?



Note: This poem is inspired by The Astro Poets’ Substack post from July 28, 2021 titled “Signs as Punctuation Marks.”




A Flamboyance of Flamingos

There are no flamingos on Lake Michigan, which may be why it took me moving to Miami to figure out that a group of them is called a flamboyance. Maybe I’m not as smart as I think I am. Or as smart as other people think I am. Like my friend G, who called me “learned” when he learned that I spoke French fluently. And I thought I wasn’t all that special, but I guess to him I was because I spoke more than just English. He said he wasn’t used to white people trying. Exposure. Yes, I was exposed. I learned through osmosis. Was it that summer in Aix, or that winter in Montreal? That time I spent chasing around married French women, learning I’m not all that smart after all?