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A story about a guy who always feels like he’s kind of about to throw up and he works in CVS and tries to find something that will stop making him feel like he’s about to throw up but then he learns he can’t run away from his problems forever and he throws up


a death metal band called brain debris uses an astral projection technique developed by the cia during mk ultra to fight ancient aliens who are returning to earth to destroy their billion-year-old experiment that is the human race


A story about a guy who works as a nude model for art students at Topine Comunity college in the day, and as a security guard for a bank or some other business at night. He will have a very asymmetrical upper body, with his left arm and shoulder being significantly larger and more built than his right, due to the fact that he only lifts weights with the left arm


A shut-in orders the complete series dvd set of courage the cowardly dog off amazon and starts a podcast analyzing each episode of the series - use the story circle


A Kafka-like story where a guy is at the dentist and the dentist is going to give him a novicane shot but he misses and accidently stabs the guy’s tongue and his tongue swells up to a giant size and the dentist says he can’t continue with the drilling because of the tongue but he must still charge the guy for the appointment because it is office policy and the guy tries to argue but he can’t because of the tongue and so he tries to drive home but he is pulled over by the cops because of his giant tongue obstructing his vision and he tries to explain but he can’t and the cops think he is making threatening noises so they arrest him and it continues


Not really a horseradish person: a story about a girl who remembers her mom always saying that she’s not really a horseradish person and wondering what that meant on the morning when she finds her mom’s old diary and is sitting at the kitchen table wondering whether she should read it or not (also consider making the action more active like cleaning out old food from the basement and then she sees many old bottles of horseradish and then a raccoon or some other large vermin in the basement and she chases after the vermin to see where it got into the house)


A group of seven amateur architects live in an octagon house (p 235 of American house styles) and worship the work of Orson S. Fowler, the creator of the octagonal house style.


A gaddis style story about a high school history teacher who doesn’t wear underwear accidently exposes his junk to his entire class before showing a video about the lives of african tribesmen. The zipper of his fly will get caught on an exposed nail on the side of his cheap desk and the front of his pants will get ripped off and the whole class will see his junk. The story will take place with him having an argument with the vice principal and the VP’s secretary in the VP’s office and the VP will be recording the meeting because of the sensitive times they live in and the teacher will still be wearing the ripped pants but he will have gym shorts underneath now and at one point the VP will tell the secretary to take a picture of the teacher’s ripped pants and he will get angry and will go on a rant about the current climate of social division and the political absurdity of trump and how he is dragging America through the mud and how the rest of the world and world leaders are laughing at him and our country because of him and the ridiculous things he’s done and how education is a joke and a laughingstock and how the schools can’t pay for anything, including a new desk for him which he will say has been there since the mesozoic era and he will say that’s why he was exposed, it wasn’t his fault, it was the exposed nail on his ancient desk and the secretary will find an obscure rule that exonerates him from getting fired since technically the problem was caused by a technological or equipment failure which he can’t be blamed for but then they will ask him what the lesson was for that day and he will talk about the video of african tribesman and they will find out that there are women with exposed breasts on the video and they will fire him for that even though he got the video approved 14 years ago by the former superintendent when he first showed it.


Who cares what psychiatrists write on walls?