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September 30, 2020

Silver Silverado

Al Jacobs

The call I got sounded like a real person.

The dude had the pauses down.

He was like, “Is this Kyle?”

And I was like, “Yeah. Who’s this?”

And he was like, “You drive a silver car right?”

And I was like, “Yeah?”

And he was like, “I came out to the parking lot and my car had a giant silver scratch on it. You left your number on my windshield.”

And I’m thinkin’ like, No, I would never leave my number on someone’s windshield if I scratched their car.

But he was like, real aggressive, “You want me to file this with the DMV?”

And I’m like, “I don't think I scratched your car.”

And he’s like, “Saying you didn’t scratch my fuckin’ car ain’t gonna make the silver scratch go away my guy.”

And I try and say something and he’s like, “You want me to file this with fuckin DMV?”

And I’m like, heated, “No, but I didn’t scratch your car.”

And he’s like, “You drive a silver Silverado, right?”

And at this point, I’m like, “Nah bro.”

And he’s like, “Huh?”

And I’m like, “Nahhh, bro.”

And he pauses for long enough for me to be like, “Hello?”

And then he goes, “Ha, Ha, Haaaaaaa,” like real robotic, and hangs up.

And I think it was a real person because it felt like a real conversation, the back-and-forth felt natural.

And dude had the pauses in the conversation down, during my replies.

But when he said silver Silverado, I was like, Nuh-uh.