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February 19, 2021


Crow Jonah Norlander

Virtuous Cycle

if you scratch my back
I will continue to scratch
my own back
once you are done
because I like the feeling
of my back being scratched


Too Hungry for Caution

my wife got a fridge magnet
from the volunteer fire department
that says to keep our kids
three feet from the stovetop
but what I don’t see is
how they’ll manage
to make us dinner
from way over there


Weighing Gestural Retaliations Against Bad Drivers

👍        unlikely to get me murdered

👍        effectively reprimanding, if sarcastic

👍        kinda zen actually, but

🖕        feels so right


Sad Taxonomist

walking and talking
on the phone with my dad
telling him I am sorry to see
my favorite tree being cut down

he asks me what kind
of tree it was
so I say it had a trunk
and some leaves


It’s Important To Me For You To Know I’m Genuinely Very Appreciative

I say “thank you
so much”
too much
but just one
“thank you”
isn’t enough
so I’m gonna try
doubling up:
“thank you,
thank you”