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April 18, 2023

A Better Sign

Elia Karra

My therapist tells me I’d make a better Aquarius than a Pisces and

I wonder if this is an official diagnosis with a treatment plan:


—weekly sessions to combat emotional detachment

—conscious challenge of impulsive thoughts

—50mg of sertraline a day for that pesky piscean anxiety,
    an unwanted indication of my real sign


Mom says I would’ve been an Aquarius had I been born on time,

had I only embraced the reality of my existence instead of clinging

to this gestational liminality, no longer of another world and not yet of this one


and maybe then I wouldn’t oscillate between air and water, and

maybe I wouldn’t be two people she can’t understand

she, a rooted Taurus, and I, a helium balloon, floating somewhere out of reach