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Friday is a good day to plant root crops, and a bad day to begin a journey, particularly by way of the sea. Friday the thirteenth is unlucky for all enterprises except tattoos & Dare's cat, Thirteen. Its corresponding color is pink—nurturing & playful. In Latin it’s dies Veneris, Day of Venus. Venus’ rule gives us context for Friday, the muse to great musical acts like The Cure & Rebecca Black. It’s also a good day for improving the home; cleaning, decorating, sewing curtains, shopping for household goods. That must be why everyone was so excited on Friday at school; I'd listen to the other kids make their weekend plans, their mouths moving beyond the speed of light. It was my favorite day, even then, even when it meant I had to leave my utopia of books & electricity, return to the coin toss of imminent danger or neglect with a roof over it. They say Friday’s child is loving & giving. As a Libra, Venus is my home planet. She makes Friday the best day for magical work on love, relationships, & beauty. I’d like to think that’s what I’ve been pulled to all this time; my childhood hands clasped together in spell, conjuring the pulse of love’s tomorrow