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March 7, 2023

Five Poems

Sofie Wise

An Emotional Poet

face still swollen from

ugly crying in the shower

moments before boarding

and the excess of alcohol


i consumed at the birthday

party of a man twelve years

my senior allowing him to provide

me with unfiltered sparkling


rose petals hibiscus fruit ripe

like salted, dehydrated

cheeks drenched by the

empty cup getting filled


unexpectedly in need a voice

on the other coast here i go

off to dinner with a friend i don’t

know i am an emotional


poet concerned with the glass

and it’s ever evolving requirements

desert well sun spring dark

light the vessel changes shape


i cry before the liquid has

a chance to collect. when we

sit across spaghetti will she

notice me?



i miss having a hot president

talking on tv all sultry like


stuff matters


blue coals

silver ash

flaming margin


light spun





who cares


problems we can solve

circumstantial harmony

a man that looks just like me

cologne breeze thick

with self affliction

chanel purses dangle from chains



long trench coats substituting

for personality jaw-length

haircuts a gender neutral

commodity eyes backward

facing won’t stop

judging me colorful scarves

a soothing distraction if i

look close enough i can see

through the screen


i could fall in love at any moment

everyone is lined up

staring at me across



rats reborn

metal rails




a man takes

a photo




flowers talk


as though they

don’t need




when the metal



they will





ideally, i would suffer fashionably

the mirror will keep

lying as long as the seer

flogs the glass until


shards fly puncturing

salty flesh made

by baguettes


whole crusty

bloodying throats



erased in favor of

not wanting for

water or




my pants shrink


i cry


i cry


i want