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October 21, 2021

A Not-Poem Poem

Sean Cho A.

With long lines we expect narrative. We expect to wait.  We expect action to happen, and with each lick of the thumb, to be closer to resolution. Limited interjections please. All the seniors wanting to study pre-law expect to be in the courtroom, to have that one great moment where they can shoot up from their seat and say but wait your honor! May I bring you attention to! But really, just like everyone else: more paperwork and forms. Forms have correct answers. Name here, number of tax withholding there. Form has expectations: the prayers end in amen, the sonnets tie up the bow. When reading the theory textbook it’s easy to forget that he is guessing, making the best guesses from a collection of other guesses. He went to school for a very long time to cut up the words and stitch them back together. This doesn’t pay very well, no one cares too much about this. Trust me. The scientist already have names for the next twenty undiscovered elements that are yet to be found.