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Jan 1

Hope this year is better then last..


Jan 7

I pitched an idea to my dad last night.. Me and him go on the prowl together for companionship.. I see no future problems with this


Jan 21

Since I got arrested tonight do I add Smooth Criminal to my tinder profile or not? 🤦‍♂️


Feb 1

Low key.. Kinda can't wait to fall for someone again


Feb 3

I hate how some songs make me feel like crap thinking about how I should've fought harder when my marriage was crumblin... Just makes me wanna fight more for whoever the next one is


Feb 6

My ex wife to our divorce papers last night when she denied my right of first refusal

(GIF of Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump’s State of the Union Speech)


Feb 14

Here I am on National break up day watching a rom-com making me want love.. God I hate myself sometimes

(GIF of Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump’s State of the Union Speech)


Mar 26

Need a women, struggles realz


Mar 31

Need a women in my life


Apr 1

Believe in urself because thats whos there in the end


Apr 2

Several wedding's coming up and I need a date... I'm pretty fun at wedding’s!#anytakers


May 18

Happy Mothers Day!! We might not be married anymore but Im still lucky to have a wonderful mom to our boys. You bring out the best in all of us.. And happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there that are killin the mom game


May 19

Back the blue..


Jun 5

Saturday is for the boys and so are sundays


Jun 6

Who wants to see the impractical jokers with me!!


Aug 4

Sometimes I forget I have this 🤦‍♂️ Lol


Aug 4

Best week of the year.. mother fuckin SHARK WEEK!!!#gluedtothetv#couchpotatoe


Aug 5

Megalodon is a beast, don't get me wrong but who would win in a fight between Locknest montster vs. Megalodon? #sharkzilla


Aug 16

I need me a female partner in crime!! For real dating life=nonexistent!!#notcoolatall


Aug 24

Its wedding season and I don't got a date for any of em!! flying solo!!#partyofone


Aug 30

Pain is weakness leaving the body


Aug 30

Happy birthday to a real one


Sep 9

Round this time of year I start to miss playing football.. sometimes I wanna go back  


Sep 13

I wanna thank Tom Harris at Sheldons Chevy for takin my trade in and sending me home in a new truck no money down


Oct 13



Oct 18

Diesel price is goin up again


Nov 14

Thanks for the birthday wishes.. sorry if I saw you on saturday Lol


Dec 4

I need a female in my life!! It's really a struggle to date in your 20"s!! Ill be 30 soon be me a lady! #whereuat#waitinglol


Dec 6

First snow and everyone forgets how to drive..


Dec 24

Merry Christmas to a real one


Dec 31

Hope next year is even better Lol