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& you know what, that shows vision &

          confidence & grit, doesn't it, the way Barbie


knew the moon could be walked on, knew

          she could be the first, the only Barbie


to shake spacedust from her stilettos &

          take the world to new fashion heights. Barbie


ventured into the final fashion frontier in zip

          boots & a metallic pressure suit; Barbie


wore a moon hat for the moon so they could match

          & the moon loved it. & then Barbie


got down to rocket science business.

          Because she wasn't just another pretty face; Barbie


was a career woman: she golfed & peddled Avon

          & stitched Civil War amputees. Barbie


batted for the Yankees & repaired tractor beam

          emitters on the USS Enterprise, Barbie


competed in nine Olympic sports & ran

          for president six times. & after all of that, Barbie


fulfilled the timeless dream of tucking an American flag

          behind the moon's ear. Barbie


probed the universe & it showed her the full panoramic

          of its imagination. & when Barbie


was done, she sat on the moon's shoulders &

          sewed her name among the stars. because Barbie


could be anything, was anything, was everything, & the men —

          Neil & Buzz & Pete & Alan & Dick — well, they were just Ken.