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Danzig remembers Halloween

Burning bodies hanging from poles 
A day where anything goes

Seems obvious that these aren’t memories
Of a delightful holiday
Full of spooks and scares

Has anyone ever considered that Danzig 
Might actually have 

Dead cats hanging from poles?
Not a Halloween tradition, Glenn!


“Would you want my skull 
If I was dead?” she asked 

I couldn’t think of an answer
Because duh

She had a beautiful skull
But also I’m not greedy

“How about just your jawbone?” 

It felt like a good compromise 

Astro Zombies

With just a touch of my burning hand
I'm gonna live my life to to destroy your world

Ah the timeless tale of a man 
Who shows love through complete devastation

To me, it seems romantic to
Display affection

Through destruction
and death 

But who knows
Maybe I’m just old fashioned 

Wolfs Blood

Glenn has a tattoo on his arm 
It says Wolfs Blood

I know what you’re thinking
He doesn’t know grammar

But say that to his face 
Fucking nerd


When I first moved to San Diego
I looked for friends on Craigslist 
There was a Misfits cover band looking for a drummer
Their name was 
I thought about trying out for Angelfuck
So desperate for friends, I thought about
Joining Angelfuck
What if I called my mom
To tell her I was now a member of 
Angelfuck, mom
The band’s name is Angelfuck


Glenn Danzig
(1955 – ?)