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July 30, 2021

Flash Flood

Allie Hoback

Dear Aaron,

It may never stop raining here. A man on the internet said it’s the government’s attempt to give us seasonal depression in the summer. His theory made me feel thought of by the government. These days I am unsure of what will fix me. I think I am falling in love and I’m afraid. Sophie says it’s okay to be terrible, we’re all loved anyway. I consider all the terrible people I’ve loved who did terrible things to me and I do not feel better. I would prefer not to do terrible things. My favorite places will be underwater in a decade. This postcard says I’m at the Grand Canyon. I’m not. I guess I bought it years ago to send to someone. Can you imagine the Grand Canyon filled to the rims with water? God’s own swimming hole. I guess it was like that once, before we called it a canyon. You’re well, right? Please tell me you’re well.

with love,
        Allie Hoback