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April 13, 2022


Alisha Wexler

Some people have a strong internal moral code.

Some people adhere to a collective one.


Some people keep their cigarettes under the bed.

So they have to get on their knees to retrieve them.

Otherwise, they can’t remember to pray.


Some people use an AI-management app to help them make decisions.

They use it to decide who to hire for the email job.

Who will have the greatest output based on previous work experience.

Who will be the right culture fit based on social media presence.

Who will be too timid to ask for a raise based on body language

And Myers-Briggs Type.

They use it to decide where to eat with their date,

Which movie to see with their date, and whom to go on a date with,

In the first place.

They use it to decide whether or not to keep the baby.

What to name the baby.

When it’s time to seek help.

Where to seek help.

Some people use a competitor AI-management app that’s less accurate but much cheaper.

And honestly, you can’t really tell the difference.

Besides the interface. The UX is more streamlined in the former.

In the latter, you have to deal with ads, but the design is trendier.


Some people miss the vein when they shoot up. A bubble forms under their skin and they suck out the smack like it’s snake venom.

They’ve wasted so much money and now they are going through withdrawals.


Some people don’t throw themselves birthday parties

Because they realize two strangers could meet and fall in love

They get off on getting in the way of destiny.


Some people are always the first to leave the party

Because it breaks their heart each time someone tells them



Good for them.