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Put address in GPS. Check weather. Charge phone. Find St. Michael scapular. Put on St. Benedict medal. Take shower NO SOAP. Put on lucky pants. Put on lucky hat and St. Michael medallion. Call T-Bone no message: TALK. Queue up Woody Guthrie mixtape. Bring Jawbone. Leave message for T-Bone. Assure T-Bone I will buy dinner at Carrabba’s later. Make a thermos of Ovaltine for 2nd floor girl. Put a new tape in EVP recorder. Charge EVP recorder. Put flashlight in bag. Put new batteries in EVP recorder. Do NOT listen to last EVP recording. Put spare batteries in go-bag. Tell Pickles we are going for a fun walk. Pick up T-Bone. Leave will in freezer. Bring pack of Kools for fifth floor guy. Park in park. Touch St. Benedict medal. Tuck pant legs in socks. Remind T-Bone about Carrabba’s. Put harness leash on Pickles. Leave car key on back tire.