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October 23, 2021

How To Get Well

Megan Nichols

Start with the weather; remember you have skin; does the heat make you hungry; locate your gut; careful at this stage; don’t eat yourself a center; cook something green; show it to the trees; flavor your meal with pine needles, pollen, and wind; wash up after; wash everything pure; wash yourself in epsom brine; wash yourself in enchanted oil; wash yourself straight to bed; get clean in your dreams; pay attention; remember what they say; if he murders you in your sleep, assert better boundaries; go for a run; if you make it to the bus station, you’ve gone too far; turn back; apologize to your roots; don’t ask when you’ll bloom; you’re barely planted; smile at a stranger; don’t give them the wrong idea; make a list of your blessings; whip yourself for each one; if you grew up alone, pray for forgiveness; if God is always with you, pray for retribution.