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Dearest JF💓,

I hope this postcard finds you. I went to a lot of trouble getting it sent. The house mother checks our mail b4 sending it out and so i had to pay my bunkmate to take it to the post office during her free time (i had my privileges revoked for some bullshit, but I get them back next week! Here’s to hoping the post office roots for love!) Anyway, im sorry if i made you uncomfortable. I get why u reported me (i guess). I know everyone who comes to SLAA is vulnerable (me too!), but im not a predator (im a WOMAN!!!)

I swear im not a stalker (i didn't know how else to get ahold of u since u got me banned from the romantic obsession & fantasy mtg. and u mentioned where u work in a share once and there is so much info on the internet so it really wasn’t that hard to get ur address. I’M NOT A CREEP!). Besides, im only writing to tell you i wont bother you anymore. My bottom-line is not obsessing over unavailable men and obvs. ur unavailable, or @ least u are to me (though i don’t get why u wont give me a chance?! I saw the Morrissey poster u have hanging in ur room when we were in the zoom mtg. and i saw ur little dachshund jump on ur lap. I love dogs! I love Morrissey! Did u notice my Morrissey t-shirt I wore for u in that meeting where u shared about never feeling worthy of love w/out receiving the most external validation? (totally relatable, btw!!!))

I know i should keep my side of the street clean or whatever, but every time i pinned ur face to my screen, i swear u were staring @ me (did u pin my face too?!) Geez, you’d think zoom mtgs. for sex and love addicts would have been so helpful, right? Less temptation. WRONG! It’s worse actually!

Anyway, I swear I will leave u alone after this if u really want me to, but can u @ least tell me why u wont give us a chance? I really could be the love of ur life if u let me? please?

Melanie M.
(from romantic obsession & fantasy mtg./Thurs 9am)