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Trump wants U.S. economy ‘opened up and raring to go’ by Easter
—John Wagner and Brady Dennis, Washington Post

When our president says he’d kill you 
part of me wishes I could turn back time
so I could preserve your innocence
a moment longer.
You see, I’m used to my body being 
considered a threat. To be called
a burden while carrying the brunt.
You have little practice. Like a cub
you put your paw into the fire
for too long. I understand
your desire to call the flame light,
to call your burns something
other than a warning. 
I too yearned for safety
from those positioned
to offer it, then was accused
of crimes solely because of my name,
because of my skin.
I have seen others succumb 
to their own denial.
I have seen the cautious
thrown into the blaze.
Now you see we are already burning.
When I say I want us to live,
I mean I want us to live.