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(after phrases on Taco Bell hot sauce packets)

  1. I won’t wait forever

the half high drive thru employee

tells me they’re out of everything

but i came here to self soothe

with a one-dollar burrito

           and the employee of the month

           has your name


  1. I mean…

i never thought the tipped over speaker box

would be a metaphor for my love life

but broken bell, broken heart

i guess

some small reminder of you

gave me an irrepressible hunger for cheap therapy


  1. Of course I will!

i consider waiting to be something inspiring

a virtuous disguise

my anxiety masked as anticipation or even hope

but patience is my drug

along with a beef burrito the size of your penis


  1. I can’t let you go

you dare me with your absence

which is something i think i cannot resist

late night cravings for you

against my lips

i tear open a plastic packet

like the devil

           and fire numbs my mouth

           instead of you


  1. I love a comeback story

but how long can i wait for

fiesta potatoes