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Image Description: [REDACTED]
Name: [The Sound of the Curtain Been Drawn Over The Confessional Booth]
Preference: All Genders

The Exorcist (1973) is every 
                      patriarchal nightmare 
             that good little girls 
               will learn what swears are 
and make clumsy attempts 
   to masturbate until they get it right
Turning my head 
                                   3  6
                                     0  degrees 
is a skill I haven’t mastered yet
but my other attempts are far from clumsy
                           A practised hand is better than a crucifix
Though no one could blame you 
for picturing the lord when you climax
                            The version that’s a carpenter, rough hands 
                                and the kind of patience that comes from 
                                              hand-braiding the whip that will 
                                 chase the moneylenders from the temple
      Or the version that defies 
trust me, 
your partner doesn’t need to 
be a man to call them Daddy
You don’t need to forgive me Father
                                 My sins are not your business
But here’s a list of things I’m into  

Let’s see if they match up.