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guessing vs. asking contrast of her guess what I would like (breeze, sometimes sleet)
with my this is what I want (noonday sun, thunderclap)

the quality of quiet prairies. peachdown. moonlight.

the weather could be worse.
see guessing vs. asking.

food unfussy. packed freezers. intent.
root cellars. jarred summer.

conversation everything and nothing mean something. or more than one thing.
silence is the three that never makes a crowd. see the quality of quiet.
see the weather.

lexicon of gazes fecund.

public displays of affection no.

walks not through but among. being met and meeting.
naming and greeting. see the quality of quiet. see conversation.

things mourned/
old friends from younger times and capers with. grandmothers.
witnessed indiscretions. misperceptions of impoliteness.
what matters to me.

love dogs. taught me how to love dogs.
synonym: watch out for deer. see food.

mothers circumspect huggers. constant.
see love. see cooking.

fathers often pilots. see mothers.
see love.

shade what is not said.
what is said with other words.
see lexicon of gazes. see the weather.

longing inarticulate yet
redeemingly keen.
prairies. peachdown. moonlight.