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Today a doctor tells me she will give me a hysterectomy if I ask for it, which, of course, comes as a relief. Once, I swallowed a pinecone. I am twenty-seven and do not want to get married. Me, full of expectations, woodlands, and duty; me, I am made up entirely of someday. Tomorrow my best friend will grab my hands: I think you should date a woman. I think she's right, but also I think I will go to hell for dating a woman, and I very much do not want to go to hell. I want to be a holy woman with a good body. Do you think women of the parables-women dreamed of their wedding day? Maybe. I'll ask my doctor next time. You know who I want to hear more about? Anna the Prophetess, and also Tessa Thompson – I just think she’s great. Some scholars think that she – Anna the Prophetess – was 14 + 7 + 84 = 105 years old and childless. Her husband was unnamed.