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i had a dream that my mother force-fed
me raw hamburger meat. i jumped
on her like a rabid animal. i
tore her throat out with
my teeth. i cried,
she bled out,
i woke

i had a dream that tony soprano was in my living room.
he wanted to talk about the myth of sisyphus. i
told him to fuck off and pour me another
drink. he asked me what it would feel
like to die. i think it would
be just like

i had a dream that i was writing in my journal but i kept lying
compulsively to the page. i think people might
be starting to catch on. please be quiet
in the stairwells. my synapses
can’t keep up the ruse.

i had a dream that my cat ate my eyes. she pried
my eyelids open with her claws and licked
my corneas in REM, feasting on my
flesh. when i woke up, she was
purring. i didn’t mind. as
long as she was