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spicy ramen noodles.
a personal recipe by Jesutomisin Ipinmoye
(note: Egbon, is Yoruba for ‘My Older Sibling’)

Prep your veggies.

Okay, are you ready?

I’m listening, I’m listening.

I won’t be repeating myself, so pay attention.

Egbon, I’ve heard.

Okay get two onions and slice them. Let me grate the garlic.

Cut the onions like this, or like this.

Along the width like this. Thin slices. After, chop up the chillis and bell peppers.


Fry your onions until they’re golden. Then throw in the garlic, peppers, and chillies and lower the heat. In a separate pot, boil some water and put in your ramen.

See? It’s really simple.

I know, I can see.

So why do I always have to teach you again?

You’re just a bad teacher


When the ramen has softened, throw it into the pan with the sauteed vegetables and add some soy sauce and some salt and MSG.

Please, what’s soy sauce made of?

Don’t ask me foolish questions please.

You don’t know, do you?

Keep quiet and help me get another pan. I assume you want a fried egg inside.

Of course.


Fry an egg to sit on top the ramen when you serve.

Good good. Get your plate.

YES! Thank you.

Next time, you’re making it.

Please, I’ve already forgotten your instructions.

You’re actually unbelievable. Just go and eat.

Thank you Egbon.

You’re welcome.

When you make it, it somehow always tastes exactly like how Mummy used to make it.

I miss her.

I know.

Okay, hurry up. You’re on clean-up duty.