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Well excuse me we    won’t ever see each other

again I guess. just like a wall 

something like massages      I was given access

for only that

long then the wall stopped vibrating.

     I got small and jumped off of a roof

or no it was a bridge with an umbrella. When I stood up you could tell

I wanted to be alone but wanted to be

with you       I looked for a reason to be         

                                      I jumped onto this large ball pit in the river water

stuck into with ground. that wasn’t there        everybody thought it would be

funny though and so I bounce jumped and bounced up

after everybody was gasping like one of those videos

where the person’s teeth gets hit with the bowling ball on a string.

/      / /

           / /      / /

A big crane. Erasure       when returned. I waved at everybody

and they waved me to go higher the next time

like a big falcon. I dove right

through the water     into a burning place


Fighting through while it was getting thicker    

in the smoke     the water is full of. To win the bridge

bid over      everybody fell onto the balls in the ocean-

river passing everybody’s cheers      filtered over stones